Ministry Tablature

These are NOT official tabs! All tabs are provided by members of our community. If you see any problems with the tabs we have presented please send us your version! You can PM them directly to me on our Forum under the username Krowe. I will go over them as well as a few other people and if we agree with your changes we will post them and credit you with it. Also, if you can tab out any of the various other instruments used on Ministry albums (like keyboards, synths, drums, harmonica, mandolin, saxophone or whatever) please send those in as well! Eventually we plan to branch this out to cover as much tablature as we can get for the band and people who wish to play their material.

If you have a tab for the side projects feel free to send that in as well. We will also be putting up a section later on for other great Ministry related bands such as Revolting Cocks, Lard, Lead Into Gold and others!


Click on an album for tablature.

Land Of Rape And Honey
Land Of Rape and Honey('88)
The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste
The Mind is a Terrible... ('89)
Psalm 69: The way to Succeed and to Suck Eggs
Psalm 69: The Way...('92)
Filth Pig
Filth Pig ('96)
Dark Side Of The Spoon
Dark Side Of The Spoon ('99)

Animositisomina ('03)

Houses Of The Molé ('04)

Rio Grandé Blood ('06)
Black Box
B-Sides & Rarities

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