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Presented below are the other side projects:

Skinny Puppy

Al Jourgensen's involvement with Skinny Puppy began in 1987. After barely missing each other while touring, Al's first encouters with Ogre (Skinny Puppy vocalist) produced the PTP song Show Me Your Spine. Al then produced the Skinny Puppy album Rabies, released in 1989. Ogre later did vocals on the Revolting Cocks track Get Down and joined Ministry on tour in 1988 and 1990, as well as a couple guest spots on the 2003 tour. Ogre also had a sideproject with Al entitled WELT (When Everyone Learns the Truth), from which the song Noreen was the only song to leak.

Ministry-Related Skinny Puppy releases:

LP 1989

1. Rodent
2. Hexonxonx
3. Two Time Grime
4. Fascist Jock Itch
5. Worlock
6. Rain
7. Tin Omen
8. Rivers
9. Choralone
10. Amputate
11. Spahn Dirge (live)

Al Jourgensen co-produced the album, mixed 1,2,4,7 and is credited with "guitar and vocals" There is also a re-released, remastered version of this album.

Tin Omen
EP 1989

1. Tin Omen
2. Tin Omen (Reload)
3. Amputate
4. Spahn Dirge (live)

Al Jourgensen mixed 1 and is credited with "bass, guitars and vocals"

For more info, visit:
Litany: The Skinny Puppy news site
The Skinny Puppy Discography

Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor hung out with Al and Paul for a bit during 1990. He accompanied the Revolting Cocks for most of the US leg of the 1990 tour, did vocals on the infamous 1000 Homo DJ's version of Supernaut, and appeared in the Lead Into Gold video for Faster Than Light. This period also had Al involved in a Nine Inch Nails cover of Queen's Get Down Make Love.

Ministry-Related NIN Releases:

EP 1990

3. Get Down Make Love

Al Jourgensen/Hypo Luxa is credited with producing and co-engineering 3.

Chris Connelly

Longtime Ministry collaborator and Revolting Cocks vocalist Chris Connelly is also an accomplished solo artist. Though differing greatly in style from Ministry/Revco work, it's still great stuff.

Neither Al nor Paul were directly involved in any of his releases, but more information can be found at Chris' official site.

The Reverend Horton Heat

Al produced their album, Liquor In The Front, Poker In The Rear.
He also played pedal, steel, piano and did some backup vocals.

Interestingly enough, he was introduced to the group by Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers)
who also did vocals to Jesus Built My Hotrod.

Gravity Kills

Al remixed the Gravity Kills track Manipulation from the Manipulation EP.

Special Affect

A punk/new wave band that Al was in prior to Ministry.
He, and Groovie Mann (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) both released the albums:
Mood Music, Headache and Empty Handed

Both Al and Groovie Man went to the same college, University of Chicago.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Al remixed Give It Away (the single mix, 12" mix and the All-powerful Rasta mix)
Check out the FAQ for the info. on the Chicken Shit Mix! Funny...


Ministry remixed Potters' Field which is featured on the Black Lodge single.
Both tracks are originally on the Sound Of White Noise album.
The single itself is the German import.

The Blackouts

This is how Al met Paul Barker, Roland Barker and William Rieflin
All of whom have helped out in the Ministry camp in a big way.

Al produced their early albums (when they were on Wax Trax Records).

The Blackouts have 4 official releases:

  • Exchange of Goods (7")
  • Men In Motion (12")
  • 528 Second (7")
  • Lost Sould Club (produced by Al Jourgensen - Wax Trax Records)
The tracklisting for 528 Seconds 45 on Modern Records (a Seattle label):
1) Make No Mistake
2) The Underpass
And the tracklisting for Men in Motion 12" on Engram Records (a Seattle label):
1) Dead Man's Curve
2) Probabilities
3) Being Be
4) Five is 5
(For the two releases listed above, the band consisted on Erich Warner, Bill Reiflin, Roland Barker, and Mike Davidson).

Exchange of Goods 45 on Situation 2 (Catalog # SIT14)

1) Exchange of Goods
2) Industry
(On this release, Mike Davidson is replaced by Ion -aka Paul Barker)

Blackouts were also featured on a compilation titled Seattle Syndrome- Various Artists. The song that made it was Young Man (featuring Erich, Bill, Roland, and Mike Davidson)

Alan Vega

Al Jourgensen and Stephen George (yes from the older albums) both appear on Martin Vega's "Saturn Strip" album from 1983. Al is the keyboardist; Stephen is the drummer.
The tracklisting is as follows:
Alan Vega- Saturn Strip
1) Saturn Drive (Al on keyboards, Stephen on drums)
2) Video Babe
3) American Dreamer (Stephen on drums)
4) Kid Congo
5) Goodbye Darling
6) Wipeout Beat (Stephen on drums)
7) Je T'Adore
8) Angel
9) Every 1's a winner


The ex-guitarist from Ministry, Mike Scaccia's thrash metal band.

Casey Orr - Bass, Vocals
Mike Scaccia - All Guitars
Mike Dunn - Drums

Leave It To BloHole


Al never took part in this band but Pigface started out as a Ministry cover band!

I spoke to the founder of Pigface Martin Atkins recently and asked him what his status is with Al.
He noted that him and Al are not on good terms anymore. Oh well...

Martin Atkins can be seen on the In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live) video.
He's the drummer with the long, blonde frizzy hair wearing a striped shirt.

He now runs Invisible Records in Chicago, and Pigface goes on...
Pigface Homepage


John Elliot met Paul Barker while living in Chicago in the early 80s. After returning to his native Nashville, he formed Dessau. After hearing some of the early Dessau output, Al and Paul remixed the song Unshakable and contributed on a cover of Joy Division's Isolation. Paul later co-wrote several songs for an album that would never see official release, but would be included on the self-titled compilation album.

Ministry-Related Releases:

Mad Hog
12" 1988
Carlyle Records

3. Unshakeable Remix

Al and Paul remixed 3.

12" 1988
Carlyle Records

1. Isolation

Al and Paul produced 1. Al does additional guitar and programming.

Exercise In Tension
LP 1989
Carlyle Records

8. Isolation

Al and Paul produced 8.

Details Sketchy
LP 1995
Fifth Column Records

1. Sun
2. (Un)shakable
3. Muscle
4. Chalk Line
5. Sun Burn
6. History
7. Chalk Rub
8. Old Dudes Rest

Paul Barker co-wrote 1, 3, 5 and is credited with Bass Guitar and Guitar throughout.

LP 1995
Mausoleum Records

1. Suffer
3. Spinning On My Head
6. Isolation
7. Cull
9. Sun 90
10. Party Zone
12. Unshakable Remix

Paul Barker co-wrote 1, 3, 7, 9, 10, produced 1, mixed 1, 6, 7, 10, 12 does programming on 3, 10, bass on 7, 9

Al Jourgensen produced 12, mixed 6, 12, does guitar and programming on 6.

For (slightly) more information, visit the long abandoned official site.


Al did guitar on a song on Skrew's first album "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flames".

Sister Machine Gun

According to Chris Randall (of SMG), Al did guitar on "Why Not" from Sins of the Flesh. He's uncredited on the album.


According to CDNOW, Al and Paul are the producers of one GWAR track called "Horror of Yig" on the album "Scumdogs of the universe". More details on this is in the FAQ. (Thanks Jerry Szprot)

Animal Liberation

This benefit album for PETA is a compilation from different artists.
From the words of David Adshead:

"The sleeve notes have a picture of Al with Dan Matthews as they both put the album together. He doesn't perform on the album but produced all the links between tracks, news clips, quotes etc. with Bill Rieflin, Ion Barker and Roland Barker."

The tracklisting:

Side One:
International Intro
Don't kill the animals-Nina Hagen/Lene Lovich
Civil Disobedience is Civil Defence
Monkey in a Bin-Attrition
Skin-Siouxsie and the Banshees
Silent Cry-Chris & Cosey
Lab Diologue
Supernature-Lene Lovich

Side Two:
Life Community
Cruel Circus-Colourfield
Hunter-Luc Van Acker
Hanging Fire-Shriekback
Meat Farmer
Assault & Battery-Howard Jones
Meat Is Murder (Live)-The Smiths


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