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  1. Twitch
  2. Twelve Inch Singles
  3. Land of Rape and Honey
  4. Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
  5. Psalm 69
  6. Filth Pig
  7. Dark Side Of The Spoon
  8. Animositisomina
  9. Houses Of The Mole
  10. Non-Album Tracks
  11. Side Projects


Just Like You
"What's the matter Eddie, does it frighten you?"
"Frighten me? No Frank, I think startle is a better word."

"And you."

Twich Version II

"Ain't nothin' but a show... Entertainment."

Twelve Inch Singles

All Day
Military drill instruction

All Day Remix
"My God, we made it one more day!"

"I don't make the rules and neither do you. Whether you like it or not, this world is not too easy. Reality is here, it's knocking on the door. Hell, no... it's beating the damn door down."

Land of Rape and Honey

Golden Dawn
"You have been found guilty of covenants with the devil"
"State your confession"
"Confess! Confess!"
"The Anti-Christ"
"Confess! Confess!"
- Devils, The
- Aleister Crowley, from his "Call of the Second Aethyr"

You Know What You Are
[Macabre Laugh]
- Fistfull of Dollars
"Die Motherfucker!"
- Aliens
"C'mon motherfuckers!"
"Dance motherfucker!"
- Platoon
"You know what you are!"
- Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The

"Now look man!"
"Everybody's got to die sometime"
"hurts real bad inside"
- "Platoon"

"T minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4; we've got the main engine start - we have main..."
"America's first space shuttle!"
"And the shuttle has cleared the tower."
- Official NASA footage

Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste

"Get Up! Get on your Feet!"
"I can't hear you!"
"I Still can't hear you!"
"Kill, kill, kill..."
"You will not kill!"
- "Full Metal Jacket"
"We are fighting for the liberation of man. Not for the rights of these pigs. The rights of society!"
"We're going to rip this motherfucker off, we're going to tear this motherfucker down."
"I hope they realize this is their last god damned chance!"
"Power to the people"
- War at Home, The (Documentary)

So What
"You have had all that money can give you, but that wasn't enough. You became a thrill seeker..."
"Kill for a thrill"
"This thrill seeking became the one great thing in your life, piling one thrill on another until... the murder."
"Kill for the love of killing."
"The thrill seeker comes from all walks of life... comes from the home...the home where the parents are too busy to... train their children respect."
"So what"
"So what" (Note: Different sample)
"Some people think newspapers exaggerate juvenile crime, or that it's confined mostly to large cities. Juvenile delinquencies on the rise...thus apparent that something has gone wrong with the environment. Adults create the world children live in. Juvenile delinquency is always rooted in adult deliquency, and in this process parents play the key role. When children grow up among adults who refuse to recognize anything that is fine and good or worthy of respect..."
- Violent Years, The

Faith Collapsing
"You... are the dead. Remain exactly where you are. Make no move until you are ordered. [glass breaking]"
"Big Brother said!"
"Brother said!"
"There have been spontaneous demonstrations by party workers, voicing gratitude and joy."
- 1984
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9..."
"Yeah, you - come here. (What's the meaning of this?) C'mon, come here. (What's the meaning of this?) Look. What was I talking about? I told you about it just the other day, didn't I, didn't I? Why can't you do what you're told? Why can't you do what you're told, eh? Why can't you? Look at it. Look. Did I tell you... haven't you got a head?"
"What's happening? [sound of glass breaking]"
"The system will eat itself."
"Watch for a man running through the streets. Repeating: Calling all Citizens. Wanted for murder, the criminal is alone and on foot. Let each one stand at his front door, look and listen. Watch for a man running through the streets. Repeating: Calling all Citizens."
- Fahrenheit 451

Cannibal Song
"The mind is a labyrinth..."
[screaming sounds and background noise]
- Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Dream Song
[echolalic singing]
- Bulgarian Voices choir, from "Kalimankou Denkou" (Evening Gathering)[_Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares_, 4AD];

Psalm 69

[siren sounds]
"alright, it's alright"
- Apocalypse Now
"Good and Evil, right and wrong"
"A new world order! We're not about to make that same mistake twice!"
"God bless America! [croud sheering]" *
"Wait... Watch and learn." *
"I believe in freedom" *
Bush, George (President)
"I'm not setting myself above any law" *
McCarthy, Joseph (Senator and communist hunter)(Note: * = 9 minute Dance Edit CD5)

Just One Fix
"Give me the thorazine. You don't need the thorazine. Give me the thorazine, man. Relax!"
- Trip, The
"Jesus Wept"
- Hellraiser II
"Never Trust A Junkie"
- Nancy from "Sid And Nancy"
"I wanna fix, gimme a fix"
"Just one fix"
- Man With the Golden Arm (Starring Frank Sinatra, who is saying the "J.O.F." sample).

Many of the sound samples are from the cartoon "G. I. Joe"

Jesus Built My Hotrod [Note: * = Redline/Whitline version]
"Let's hit the fucking Road" *
[Tires squealing]
- Blue Velvet
"Nobody with a good car needs to worry about nothin', do you understand." *
"Nobody with a good car needs to be justified." *
"Listen, dig this" *
"and I'll tell you why" *
"I come a long way since I believed in anything, and I come halfway around the world." *
"What are you talking about? Where you came from is gone, where you thought you were going to weren't never there, and where you are ain't no good unless you can can get away from it..." *
- Wise Blood

Wailing sound (4:35)
- Exorcist III
Psalm 69
"I Feel that my heart is being touched by Christ"
- "Altered States"
- Pit and the Pendulum, The
"Stop it!"
- Suspiria

"fight, fight"
- The Abyss

"The Final Battle"
and the screams through the song are from "Armageddon" (some sort of documentary)

Filth Pig

Dark Side Of The Spoon


Houses Of The Mole

(Transcribed by James Warren. Sources listed by tenohtwo, John Burgess, afra, .. )

"...the man who was ministering said, don't touch that dial."

"This is the 100,000 watt voyage of..."

"[screaming] Don't! The television..."

"You're on me! You're on me like an infernal magnet!"
- The movie House By The Cemetery (Skinny Puppy samples this same movie for the song "Rivers" on Rabies)

"Wouldn't it be nice to have all the fried chicken you want? Well, you can."
- Border Radio CD Compilation

"You'll save money every time you use your..."

"The roof leaks, the foundation is crumbling, and there's..."
- from a Geico commercial (parody of one of those home improvement shows)

"...Nazi henchman."

"Yeah, give the bad product a new name: mayonaise and peanut butter sandwiches."

"[gavel drops]"
- Law & Order

"Some side-effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, no-"

"Call now and be sure to ask..."

"Protesting in our schools has proven..."

" many carpet cleaners."

"...minutes to 3 in the morning."

"...a condition your doctor can help you with."
- Zoloft commercial.

"Those things are really nasty. I'll take the big black one."
- Spartacus

" and your friends see a man or woman in uniform, say thank you."

" question is: is she or not?"

"...our actions, we have shown what kind of nation we are. We have shown the noble aims and good heart of America... listen to your mom or dad..."

"All these people gather around you like you God almighty, like you love them."
- The movie New Jack City, spoken by actor Bill Cobbs


"He was shot outside a liquor store..."

"...view reflected..."

"Ladybugs - by the millions."

"Folks, I want to mention something: Don't send them chickens back in case two or three of them die. Don't send them back because the post office..."
- Border Radio CD Compilation

"Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

"It don't take much to get you all wet and hot to trot."

"...exclusive Zenion technology..."
- Sharper Image Ion Breeze commercial

"Abstinance for young people is the..."
- G. W. Bush State of the Union Address 2004

"Mail-in rebate, plus..."

"Tonight at 9 eastern, channel 2-73."

"It's a no-brainer."

"How can you handle it? Well, could I have to write it in Braille and shove it up your ass?"
- From the 1977 Clint Eastwood film "Gauntlet"

"Jesus Christ, what happened?"

"You didn't think this through too good, did ya?" - Suicide Kings

"What's happening?"

"It's outta control, comin' your way."

"Oh my god."

Non-Album Tracks

"The Bitch is nuts man, she's been smoking that angel dust"
"Hello lover, wanna go out"
Lots of the screaming and barking of orders comes from move" Fort Apache the Bronx"
"I ain't afraid of skulls and alters and all that shit"
- Apocalypse Now

Side Projects

Revolting Cocks

Union Carbide

"It Was A Greusome Site"
"Dead Bodies Everywhere" - ?

We Shall Cleanse The World

"We shall cleanse the world" - The Omega Men

Big Sexyland

"Oh Yeah"
"This vibrator's my baby" - ?

BEERS, STEERS & QUEERS (Drop Your Britches Mix)

Intro sample - Deliverance


"No pain, baby, no gain" - Lydia Lunch

Get Down

"Groovy" - Evil Dead II

Something Wonderful

"Something Wonderful" - 2010: The Year We Made Contact

Gila Copter
"You have the power" - Silence of The Lambs (Nuutti Heiskala)


"Crack, rock and shit" - Boyz'N The Hood
"They be goin' crazy, crazy" - New Jack City
"Pushin' the rock" - America's Funniest Home Videos
"The real shit, man, the real thing" - Backdraft
"oooh, oi" - Talk Radio
"Scream" (not Al or Connelly) - Talk Radio
"Why that's the dumbest thing I ever heard" - Talk Radio
"Tryin' to find some shit" - Boyz'N The Hood


"E-I-E-I-O" - Married With Children

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