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Fix: The Movie DVD Giveaway
April 5 2012 

To enter in the drawing to win one of 6 copies of the Fix: The Movie DVD, you must answer all three questions from the link below, and pass on your email address (no, it will not be used for marketing purposes).

Fix The Movie Giveaway

Posted by Afra ( 482 )

Fix: The Movie / Barker's Fix This!!!
April 1 2012 

It has been quiet on the Ministry end of things, however, some interesting news...

April 10th 2012 is the date on which the much awaited Fix: The Ministry Movie is to be
released. Directed by Douglas Freel, the documentary, which includes interview snippets from Biafra, Buzz, Maynard, Reznor and Davis just to name a few, consists of footage which chronicles a lot of what went on during Ministry's Filth Pig tour. It is a very fascinating documentary to watch.

We have started a page on Fix: The Movie which includes stills from the documentary, as well as more information.

This site, along with the distributors of the movie, will be giving away 6 copies. Stay tuned for the trivia question....

Fix This!!!

Available in conjunction to the movie will be Paul Barker's new record, Fix This!!!. This album features guests such as Chris Connelly, Ogre, Taylor Momsen and Puscifer. When asked for details on reSpite, the track which features Ogre on vocals, Barker sent this to us:

"I talked to Ogre about this fresh idea I had: make a generic thrash metal record and sing about current lame political woes using sesame street lyrics, but I still have all my teeth and wanted songs with a little more bite than that. After many hilarious phone calls a deal was struck: I write the music and he writes and sings the lyrics.

So I sent Ogre a rough song I wrote. Unfortunately, our schedules didn't allow us to track together, so he and Mark Walk sent me finished vocals and I finished the mix.

Not nearly as much fun as being together in the studio, but fun nonetheless. All 1's and 0's- very modern. "

These tracks are available for download now over here.

Posted by Afra ( 481 )