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New Song Download
January 24 2010 

When you collect live shows, sometimes surprises show up in unexpected places. Most of the post-Lollapalooza 92/93 tour had a pretty standard setlist. Sure, there were occasonal variations, but they were mostly of the "change the song order" variety. I was recently given a copy of the first date of the US leg of the tour, and while the main show had nothing out of the ordinary, the band breaks out 2 songs in the encore that hadn't been played live for several years - one of which has never been played live again. The first of these, Man Should Surrender, is up for download on the sound page. Other than this performance, this song was only played on the 1990 tour. The vocals on that tour were done by Joe Kelley. Three guesses who it is this time. Not sure if this was played again this tour, but this was the first US date, so it was probably not played before this and definitely wasn't played for at least the next 3 shows. Anyway, hope you enjoy this rare gem!

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Dannie Flesher RIP
January 13 2010 

It has come to our attention that Wax Trax! Records co-founder Dannie Flesher has passed away. It goes without saying that his great contribution enabled us all to see and hear bands such as Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Front 242, and much, much more.

Dannie died on Sunday night from pneumonia, he was 57 years old and was living in Hope, Arkansas.There is an article by the Chicago Tribune on this.

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FIX: The Ministry Movie
January 5 2010 

Firstly, I hope the site redesign is to your liking. The design was done by myself while the logo was done by Lawton. In fact, Lawton and I worked hard together on the official site for fixtheministrymovie.com.

This is a documentary to be released in 2010 and features old footage of Ministry backstage and onstage. The documentary includes interviews with the likes of Trent Reznor, Dave Navarro, Jonathan Davis, and much, much more.

From fixtheministrymovie.com, you can not only watch the trailer, but you can also download an exclusive new track released by Flowering Blight (Paul Barker) by registering. The track is called Heroine's Habit and is superb.

We will keep you posted on here regarding the documentary as more news comes out.


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