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Tour News
January 31 2007 

Short notice here, but according to the Digitech website, Ministry will be playing an accoustic set at the Guitar Center in El Paso (on Gateway Blvd). No idea what the setlist will be, but it should be interesting, as Ministry haven't done an accoustic set since 1994. Anyone able to attend (or better yet, tape) the show, please let us know how it goes.

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New Song Download
January 20 2007 

Up for download on the sound page is a live version of Reload from the Dallas show on the 2003 tour. They've played this song live on several tours since it was debuted in 1996, but this tour featured Al playing mandolin in the middle of the song.

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Site Updates
January 10 2007 

A few minor updates to some of the past tour dates. Added are the setlist for 8/2/06 London, a ticket stub from 2/5/90 SanFrancisco, the setlist for 10/17/04 Montreal (thanks Simon), pictures from 5/6/06 SanAntonio, a poster for 5/19/96 Sacremento, a ticket and poster for 12/23/92 SanFrancisco, and pictures from several of the European festival shows from last summer.

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Site Updates
January 6 2007 

Song Download

On the sound page is the new song of the week. This time, it's a live version of Stigmata from the Boston show on the 1990 tour. While the version from the live album is great, this one has all the elements that the soundboard, overdubbed version is missing - Al conversing with the crowd, audience participation, etc.


Also on the sound page is one of the previous songs of the week - the studio version of Same Old Madness. After all the requests to make some of the older songs available, we're going to try rotating through some of the older ones to help out the newcomers to the site.

Evil Doer Tour

And, 2 years later, we've finially got information on the shows on the Also on the Houses Of The Mole tour. There are a few posters, pictures and setlists to be added, but for the most part, it's got all the info we have. If you have anything else to contribute on this tour or any of the others that we're missing, please e-mail us and let us know.

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