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New Song Download
January 28 2006 

This week on the sound page for download is a live version of Eureka Pile from the Dark Side Of The Spoon tour. This song was done live at a few of the later US shows in 1999 and then never done live again. There are a couple small problems with the right channel early in the track, but otherwise it's a great live rendition of the song.

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New Song Download
January 21 2006 

Durnig the late 80s/early 90s, a magazine called Reflex included a free flexidisc with every issue with an exclusive track from the featured artist. Ministry appeared on two of these. The second is an edit of So What, and is relatively common. The first was Drums Along The Carbide, an exclusive remix of Union Carbide from the Big Sexyland album. It's a bit tougher to find and is the the song of the week on the sound page. Incidently, the interview from this issue is available on the Interview page onthis site.

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New Song Download
January 14 2006 

As promised, the new song is up on the sound page. It's a live version of Work For Love from the Minneapolis 1984 show. Let me go right ahead and apologize for the tape flip in the middle of this song. I wouldn't normally use a song with a break in the middle, but this one is very much worth it. It truly shows Al's growing disdain for the With Sympathy material. Grab it and you'll see what I mean.

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Download Changes For 2006
January 6 2006 

The song downloads have been rather sporadic lately, with some becoming Songs Of The Month rather than Songs Of The Week. I think you'll all find 2006 to be very pleasantly different. This year, barring any out of town trips, I'll be changing the song every week on or around Saturday morning (or afternoon for our European friends). I'll still be picking out the best in unreleased/rare/live tracks from years past, though due to the volume of songs, some may be a little more common than previous dowloads.

That being said, the new download is up on the sound page. This one is the demo version of Supermanic Soul. This is the version with samples that were inexplicably removed from the final version. It's been cleaned up a bit from the original version, but is still a little muddy due to the original source.

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