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New Song Download
January 16 2005 

Since we seem to have solved the download issues, I think it's safe to put up a new song. On the sound page is a live version of No W from the second New York show most recent tour. Enjoy.

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 311 )

Song Download Issues
January 11 2005 

Seems like the song download issues may have been fixed. The problem was that when dialup users tried to download a song, the download would time out. If you had problems before, please try to download a song again.

I would like to thank various people who helped me test this.


Posted by Afra ( 310 )

Happy Holidays
January 3 2005 

Happy Holidays from all of us working on prongs.org/ministry. This month marks the 11 year anniversary of this site.

The Song Download issues are still being worked on. Apparently, it's happening only to people on dialup. We are trying to resolve this issue.

The Search Page is more or less complete. The page will return results found in the main pages as well as the news archives.

Posted by Afra ( 309 )