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New Song Download
January 28 2004 

With Paul's departure, it seems only fitting to have the new song be the only known live Lead Into Gold recording. This version of Hatred is live in Houston on the 1987 tour. It's up on the sound page.

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Official Statement
January 22 2004 

"As of last fall, I am no longer writing music with nor working in the studio with Ministry. After the last tour- and years of collaborating with Al and everyone else we've worked with-I've decided I need to work on other music . So, I AM working on music right now in my studio in Austin. But don't worry. Distortion Rules." --Paul Barker

And the story from MTV.com

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Ministry In The Studio
January 17 2004 

A new video featuring Ministry in the studio is available here. It's got new songs in progress as well as confirmation of some fairly big rumors.

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Song Update
January 14 2004 

By request, the new song of the week is a live version of Test, which was only performed live at the two New York shows on the Mind Tour. It's up now on the sound page.

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Tour List
January 12 2004 

An extensive list of information regarding past Ministry tours has been made live on the Tour page.

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Massive Interview Update
January 11 2004 

After several weeks of work, the interview page has been updated with more than 40 new interviews from 1982 to 1996 from my collection. There's a ton of obscure information in there, especially in the older ones. These are scans of the actual interviews. Everything should be readable, but some did turn out a bit fuzzy, so I'll probably be updating them with better copies soon.

If you'd like to help with transcribing any of these or if you would like to contribute an interview that you don't currently see listed, please let me know. All help is definitely appreciated.

Official Lyrics

We have a new page up on this site which lists what official lyrics we have which you can view here. We obtained the lyrics from Al Jourgensen and Chris Connelly.

Studio Pictures

Over on ministrymusic.org (the official page), you may see pictures of Al in the studio.

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More Lyrics Updates
January 10 2004 

The lyrics updates contine...

The lyrics to No Name, No Slogan, Rubber Glove Seduction, and My Favorite Things are all now officially correct.

Many songs that were missing have also been added - Show Me Your Spine, Tailor Made, You Often Forget, and Overkill among others.

As always, please feel free to send in any corrections/suggestions to me at the contact page.

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January 5 2004 

After a delay due to the holidays, the new song has been put up on the sound page. This one is called Overkill, though it was also frequently introduced as Just Kidding at later concerts. This one was mentioned in the interview with Bob Roberts (a member at the time) done last year for this site. His thoughts on the song: "It was always the final song, even during the WS tour I believe. I can't believe that we never recorded that song, it was always a crowd, and a band, favorite. Al called it 'an old one' because it was a left over Special Affect song, though I don't think that they played it much. It went from being a scary, dreaded triad chord song, you know the creepy I-VI chord pattern, and morphed into a kind of surreallistic James Bond theme. I always liked that one. Since we usually closed with 'Overkill' we got to make a lot of horrible, evil noises at the end."

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