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January 19 2003 


animositisomina.com, the official site has opened. Sign up for the official mailing list there.


The second song from the Ministry bootleg (Merriville, IN on 2-22-90) is now up on the sound page. This week, the track is The Missing.


Lyrics to Animositisomina are now complete - check them out here.

Posted by Afra ( 203 )

Interview / MP3
January 15 2003 


An interview that was conducted by Bisquitodoom and myself, with ex-Ministry member, Robert Roberts, was completed yesterday. It is quite long - in at 5 pages!

From start to finish, it is a very interesting read. The last question is very interesting in itself.

The interview can be read here.

Updated MP3

Bisquitodoom has re-encoded the Breathe MP3 to 192Kbps and it is available for download at the sound page.

How do you know which version of the MP3 you have downloaded? The filename for the new version has -192 added to it. The old version was taken off entirely....

Posted by Afra ( 202 )

Live MP3
January 12 2003 

New MP3

Bisquitodoom has provided this week's MP3. The MP3 is the first track from a bootleg that was recorded from a live show in Merriville, IN on 2-22-90. He will kindly provide a new MP3 every week from this bootleg.

The track is Breathe and is available on the sound page.

Site Map

There is now a site map online with links to all the sections of this site. It may help to find things easier using it...

Posted by Afra ( 201 )

Setlist / Forums
January 9 2003 


The official setlist of the upcoming tour can be read here. I am sure many of you will be very excited upon reading what they have in store for us! The tour lineup is on the members page.


Don't forget about the PISS ARMY official forums. Sign up for an account as soon as you can. There is already a mission posted for a chance to win a limited-edition promo-only Ministry CD single for Piss.

Mailing List

If you haven't already, sign up for the mailing list. It's generally quiet but offers an opportunity to discuss through your mailbox. You may even read the archives which are online.

Message Board

I am happy to announce that Bisquitodoom will be taking over the message board that is on this site. Many of you on the board already know him and he is also the one who has been submitting mp3s to this site.

Posted by Afra ( 200 )

January 5 2003 

After a delay due to the holidays, the new song has been put up on the sound page. This one is called Overkill, though it was also frequently introduced as Just Kidding at later concerts. This one was mentioned in the interview with Bob Roberts (a member at the time) done last year for this site. His thoughts on the song: "It was always the final song, even during the WS tour I believe. I can't believe that we never recorded that song, it was always a crowd, and a band, favorite. Al called it 'an old one' because it was a left over Special Affect song, though I don't think that they played it much. It went from being a scary, dreaded triad chord song, you know the creepy I-VI chord pattern, and morphed into a kind of surreallistic James Bond theme. I always liked that one. Since we usually closed with 'Overkill' we got to make a lot of horrible, evil noises at the end."

Posted by Bisquitodoom ( 245 )

Thank You All
January 5 2003 

I wanted to say thank you for all the support and congratulations through the emails and the message board - I truly appreciate it. I have always appreciated it and always tried to keep this page going for people to view and contribute to.

First, I want to explain what it is Ministry want to do with their official site. They do not want a typical site up - many bands already have this and it's very redundant. They actually want to create a connection to people who want to know more about them - a place where you guys can tune in and get the latest and greatest news, media and other information. Something personal. There are many great ideas in the works as we speak.

Many people have asked what will become of prongs.org/ministry. It's been up for almost 10 years - it will be hard and selfish for me to simply turn it off and erase all the hard work put into it by not just me, but many people over the years.

It would not make sense for me to continue the unofficial site, as well as the official site. This site will be handed off to someone else, but it will stay on prongs.org (because people know it as such, and also the search engines rank it).

This site is not going to be taken down. Neither is the message board. These things are not for me to take down in the first place - they belong to you guys.

It will be revealed about what will happen to this site shortly, but the site will not be taken down. I just wanted to reassure people of this.

I would like to thank all the visitors of this site, other webmasters (particularly Mattias Hultgren and Tobbe Palmqvist), and of course, the Ministry camp.

Thank you all very much for the years of support.

Afra Ahmad

Posted by Afra ( 199 )

January 2 2003 

Official Site

After being asked by Ministry and the people close to them, I have become the official webmaster for animositisomina.com.

It should be noted that darkspoon.com will be redirected to the official site, animositisomina.com...

There are many awesome ideas floating around for both the official sites. For example, the site will have lots of content coming directly from Al & Paul.

The official site will be opened up very shortly.

The status of this site (prongs.org) will be revealed in a few days....


One of the many upcoming features of the new online Ministry presence is the PISS ARMY forum. This will be the core communication center from Ministry, and it is here that you will get the latest confirmed news, video/audio downloads, and much more. Blood oath is optional.


The Animositisomina CD inlay card will contain lyrics to all the songs.

Posted by Afra ( 198 )