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FAQ 3.0 Up
January 29 1999 

I have just uploaded FAQ 3.0 - I would like to thank travika for help.
I will be adding more information over the next few days as more information
is coming in slowly...

Just some helpful info.: I have discontinued working on the Sideproject section of the FAQ. The reason for this is because I have a sideprojects page up which is far more detailed and better, so check that for information and NOT the FAQ. (under "ministry..." from the menus on the left)

So please don't get confused: I have not given up working on the sideprojects. As far as the FAQ is concerned, I have stopped but I have a better Sideprojects page up which you should check.

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January 15 1999 

I know this has nothing to do with Ministry, but this news has greatly saddened me, as I have been an avid listener of Muslimgauze.

Bryn Jones, the only member of Muslimgauze has sadly passed away from a rare blood fungus which led onto pnemonia. I will miss him and his work deeply. His music, in some way or another meant a lot to me...

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Page Updates / MP3
January 1 1999 

Welcome 1999....This year marks the page's 5 year anniversary!

I have completed/improved the sideprojects page - it's very informative
and huge! It took a while, but it's here. Do Check It Out... So I guess this is more than a Ministry Page ;)

Also if the fonts are too big or look misaligned, please mail me with your screen resolution. I run on a very high res. and therefore it's hard for me to judge! Same goes if the fonts look too small...

Changed page again - added better menus. Almost completed the singles page - it has all the old singles listed with pictures and catalog numbers. Created the "noframes" version.

I had to take down the mp3 page, as it took too much space/bandwith. I totally understand and respect WASTE (they're cool guys). If anyone could help me in this matter please mail me and I would greatly appreciate it!

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