I started this discography with the sole intention of making sure everything was properly presented... as a fan of Ministry for over five years, I've seen quite a few Ministry websites, but none has really covered all the bases. One would have information that one site wouldn't, etc. So, I decided to do one myself.

Here you will find the latest version of the Ministry discography, in HTML or text format, available for viewing or personal download.
I will only include Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker related material -- this will not be a Chris Connelly discography, a Martin Atkins discography, or anything of that sort. While Paul has left the group as of 2003, he has been the only member to be co-credited solely with the Ministry name, not to mention the most long-running member of the group besides Al.

All material in this discography are listed by release date: music format (CD/ cassette/vinyl), year, label, catalogue number, and country manufacture make.

Manufacture guide: Austria (AST), Australia (AUS), Belgium (BEL), Canada (CAN), France (FRA), Germany (GE), Holland (HOL), Italy (IT), Japan (JA), Luxemborg (LUX), United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US).

The Ministry discography:

A huge thank you to the following folks:

* Afra Ahmad, webmaster of Prongs / ministrymusic.org
* bisquitodoom, a resourceful cacophony of releases, tour dates, and the like
* Todd Zacharitz, my main inspiration for doing this in the first place, as well as shamelessly "inspiring" his Skinny Puppy discography for stylistic tact... danke.

Praises and Thank You's to the following contributors:

23, David Adshead, Blake, ~cQ, JohnnyCringe, Alan Esher, EVILBEAVER, Lou Fazio, fennesz, Flesh Kleenex, Alasdair Macdonald, Alan Fraser, Johnathan Fritz, Andrew Gowans, Jakob Berg Hansen, hearse57, Paul Heaton, Helene, Nikolaj HTP, iSvadrah, Mattias Hultgren, adam inverso, Jeff, John (NZ), Bryan Lower, LuX, reload, Mark King, Mr. Krinkle, Krowe-Of-Stormz, Brad Martens, Peter McMeen, Robert Parker, E. Oscar Pearson, Miha Rinne, Robert #2, Karsten Roekens, Kai Siljander, Silks, tenohtwo, Chad Tevebaugh, torturedsoul, Unofficial Al Jourgensen Website, Olivia Savannah Vondra, Mark Weddle, and Andrew Wickham.

Contributions? Any and all information on Al or Paul related material not listed here that you would like listed, send me an e-mail below and I'll be more than happy to add whatever information you might have. You will be credited if you wish to be credited.

J. Warren
AIM: inkweeweeus


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