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January 23 2001 

Page Updates

  • Over on the sideprojects page, I added a lot of information about Alan Vega's release as well as information about Blackout and their releases. Thanks a whole bunch to Jaime (Mr. Me) for this information..
  • Thanks to Eric Gottesman for pointing out a silly mistake on my part (wrong dates on news pages)...
  • Making a better, more compiled Interviews page.


Ogre (from Skinny Puppy) is involved in a project called ohGr and is releasing an album titled WELT. No, this project does not involve Al Jourgensen (as it once did when Welt was about to start).

ohGr's release will be on Spitfire Records. The list of bands on this record label is probably the funniest I have ever seen....


As mentioned above, I have began the process of cleaning up the Interviews Page, so it will be easier to find interviews than to search through these news pages. Meanwhile though, you may read an article from New Zealand's Rip It Up magazine, here - this was submitted by Sean Hadfield.

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January 12 2001 

Hardware Movie

SPtravel send me some information about the movie Hardware. Ministry's Stigmata is on their soundtrack and Ministry appear in the movie playing a song (dressed up like GWAR). The soundtrack is out on Varese Sarabande and was released on October 02, 1990. I have updated the discography pages accordingly...

Damage Manual Interview

Gray sent me the link to his interview with Damage Manual (and Meg Lee Chin). He wrote the article/interview for Get Real Detroit. You can read his interview here.


Andrew sent me this link. It's an interesting read, and Al Jourgensen and his ex-wife Patty are both discussed. It's an autobiography from the Fabulous Thunderbirds' bass player, Preston Hubbard (he also played with Bonnie Ratt, amongst others). He also discusses the time he helped Ministry on Filth Pig. Andrew was right: it's a very interesting read..

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January 3 2001 


I recieved an email today which mentioned that this very site was noted in a Ministry article. The magazine is called Revolution. Cool! I will try to get this magazine and see what it's about..

Dark Side Lyrics

Corrections to the lyrics are coming soon (real soon)...


Thank you to Tobbe for correcting a misspelling (Alan Vega). Thanks to Jamie and Tobbe.

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January 2 2001 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a good new year's eve...

Ministry Write-ups

everything2.com is a cool site. It's basically a huge database with information about almost anything, written by anyone who wants to cover it. I found a description of Al Jourgensen there, which you can see here. There is also a writeup for Ministry here.

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